Printing  papercut on a canvas:

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What will you need


Sheet of paper

2 Acrylic paints (one for the background and one for the print). The paint for the print should be opaque, so it could cover the background.


Paint brush

Very thin brush ( No.1/0)

Tape that can be  easyly removed

Roller and compasses ( if you like).

A very sharp knife, it can be an x-acto or N.T D-400.

Step 1:

Paint the canvas and let it dry.

Step 2:

This is  going to be a symmetric papercut. Fold the paper into quarters.  Drawing the lines will be done on the quarter .

The center of the papercut should be at the closed part of the sheet (in this picture, the left side).

Cut the dark areas. There are contact points  in the  papercut’s part .

The papercut is going to be used as a mold. Therefore, draw thick lines. Thin lines might  be torn or get stick to the canvas with the paint. Make sure that all parts are connecting  to each other. Now you can cut it.

Step 3:

When the papercut is ready, put it on the canvas, attaching  it with a tape so it won’t move.

Tip: The canvas is flexible, if you don’t want it to move  do as I do: while I use the sponge on it, I put books underneath it.

Step 4:

When the papercut is well attached to the canvas, dip  a dry sponge  in the paint.  Now gently touch  while covering the papercut.

Make sure you had coverd everything.

Step 5:

Take off the papercut  carefully and let the paint dry.

Step 6:

With a thin paint brush, we fix the paint where it’s needed.

Hope you enjoyed,

Good Luck!